Do we need a better 404 page for WordPress Plugins Repository?
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Revamping The 404 Page For The Plugin Repository
WPBeginner has laid out an interesting question. Do we need a better 404 page for WordPress plugins repository? They think so and I do to. I’ve experienced the issue of clicking a plugin link only to be redirected magically to the plugin repository page without any explanation as to why. From here, I perform a search to find the plugin that I was linked to only to come up empty. In my opinion, the 404 page on the plugin repository should give a few explanations as to why the plugin was not found. It could have been its removal, its suspension, or a bad link but at least give a little explanation. I especially like the idea presented by GraphicsCove in providing a list of 3 or 5 similar plugins. I’d also like to see a little bit of Matt’s witty humor. What better place to put it than on a 404 page.
Why We Use W3 Total Cache Plugin
Allows users to replace the default 404 page with a custom page from the Pages section in the Admin Panel. Or you can specify a complete URL to redirect on 404.
This is nothing to be worried about. It means people tried to access pages on your website that don’t exist. You can either change the settings on the options page so that you’re no longer notified about it (Options -> General Settings -> Admin notification level), or you can go to the “Captured 404 URLs” page and do something with them (either ignore them or specify which existing page they should redirect to).
Community member Itsananderson recently published a link on the forum to a blog post he wrote explaining how to use Pages in WordPress to allow end users the ability to edit their 404 template page with the Page editor instead of manually editing a 404.php template file. Like Anderson’s post (more…)
The 7 Best 404 Plugins for WordPress
if you wanted to do a 404 to 301, couldn’t you do that in your httaccess file and skip the plugin in? I would prefer to keep the 404 and have a nice page with additional options, search or popular articles than a 301. I think the redirect would be bad for usability. I would wonder how and why I kept ending up on the homepage instead of my desired destination. At least a 404 provides “closure”.
Automatically redirect, log and notify all 404 page errors to any page using 301 redirect for SEO. No more 404 Errors in WebMaster tool. If you care about your website, you should take steps to avoid 404 errors as it affects your SEO badly
11+ Best WordPress 404 Page Plugins 2016
We hope that the above mentioned WordPress 404 plugins will help you to save the cost of your website in terms of SEO and redirect your viewers to relevant content and existing pages of your website which will eventually help your business. Most of theses WordPress 404 plugins are free of charge and have been used by many users. They work smoothly with WordPress themes and if you already have any plugin for 404 error and planning to get one of these then we advise you to use one at a time to avoid unnecessary bugs.
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What is Error 404? 6 Best 404 Plugins for WordPress
Now you aware of what is error 404, and as you read above that these 404 not found pages are good for nothing. But, you can make use of them in a different manner to redirect your visitors to other pages, or offer them different resources present on your site so that they can view them as well. It is good to do something of this sort because when a visitor gets a plain 404 not found page then most probably he will close the tab, and move to some other site for looking the information he is trying to find. But, if you offer them something whenever their requested content is not found on your site, then there are chances that they may not close the site, and continue browsing different stuff.
Redirect 404 Error Page is very useful for themes that have an ugly, uninformative 404 server error page that can’t be changed without messing with code and set to still return 404. Simply create a new custom 404 error page and activate the plugin – problem solved! It’s also very useful in situations when a lot of content has been removed from the site. For those situations create a new page explaining what happened and simply configure Redirect 404 to use that page.
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How to Fix 404 Errors in WordPress Using 301 Redirects
Even so, 404 errors will inevitably reflect badly on your website – especially to visitors who fail to understand their cause. They can create problems, too, as lots of errors will undoubtedly hurt the visitor experience. And, if the missing webpage is a sales page, well, that pretty much destroys any possibility of scoring a conversion from that visitor.
We all know that sometimes 404 Errors happen on our sites. And sometimes users search but get no results. I believe it’s better to serve users some highly customized and maintained pages/content areas for these cases. What better to do that with Widgets in WordPress? — In my opinion Genesis Framework could improve here so that’s why I just made this little plugin to FINALLY have these two cases maintainable EASILY via your widgets admin. Just place in a search widget, your last blog posts, an image widget, some explanation via text widget, some galleries… You got it. The possibilities are endless. Finally.
This plugin is designed to work with as many themes as possible. It uses the WordPress Template System to detect and handle 404 errors. If your theme makes use of this Template System this plugin will work properly. If it does not the plugin offers a so called Compatibility Mode, which uses its completely own method to detect and handle 404 errors. If this plugin does not work properly, try to activate Compatibility Mode.
WP Security - WordPress File Monitor Plugin
28 Best WordPress Plugins that You MUST Use (2019)
Free WordPress plugins are available to you without any warranties. Support for free plugins is usually limited, and it is not guaranteed. Some free plugin authors do provide excellent support for their free plugins, but sooner or later it becomes a chore. There is no financial incentive for plugin authors to keep answering user questions on their free plugins. This means that free WordPress plugins are available on an as-is basis with no warranties.
Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.
A configurable logging option allows to view all redirects occurring on your site, including information about the visitor, the browser used, and the referrer. A ‘hit’ count is maintained for each redirect so you can see if a URL is being used.
The folks over at Sucuri have reminded us once again why it’s important to only download plugins from trusted sources. In a disturbing post published on the Sucuri blog, Denis Sinegubko highlights the dangers of using plugins from untrusted sources. In this post, we’ll talk about “patched” malicious premium plugins. (more…)
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1. Content Analytics: Knowing where your readers drop off can help you drastically increase your conversions by tweaking to your content to keep readers on the page, and placing calls to action above the average read rate. Content Analytics tracks how far your readers get down the page, presenting the information visually: